Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curling Nails...


First, I want to thank everyone who wished me well at Nationals, you have no idea how happy all your comments made me :) I had so much fun and made a lot of new friends!  We played pretty well for being the youngest team there (the nice way of saying that we didn't win any games XP )

Oh also: the girls curling finals were broadcast live on TSN on Saturday, I was sitting in the crowd.  Long story short: I yawned on live television! I should probably be embarrassed, but I find this kind of exciting :)

Here are one of my older designs: curling nails

Some of you might recognize this, I entered it in a contest that Zombie Claws hosted a while ago.
I didn't have enough time to do nail art at all this week!  Right now all I have on is this glow in the dark nail polish I got from Claire's.  It's sad because no one can see how FREAKING AWESOME it is... unless its pitch black.  Oh well, at least I get to enjoy it.

Right.  So I just got back from Calgary on Sunday, I had time to unpack, do laundry, and now I'm off again!  I leave tomorrow (Thursday) for the Canada Winter Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia (on the other side of the country) should be lots of fun!

So if I don't drown of homework I should be back to blogging in a few weeks!

Maybe I'll even post pictures of Nationals when I get back...


  1. That's so funny you yawned on TV exactly the kind of thing I would do. I wouldn't be embarrassed either :-D

  2. Welcome to nail blogging! I stumbled onto your blog through another one I'm following and I was checking out your manicures. These curling nails are so creative and I think it's awesome you went to Nationals for Curling. I've never known of any curlers. Great blog you have here, keep it up! :)

  3. Stacie- haha cool, I'm not alone :) yeah, my friend has it recorded and reminds me every day XP

    Nikki- aw thanks! That means so much! I love all the cool designs on your blog too :)
    At least you know what curling is! Actually quite a few times, when I tell people that I curl their response has been "what? Like, your hair?" hahaha yeah...