Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey people!

I'm leaving tomorrow for the Canadian Jr. Curling Nationals!  I won't be back for 10 days (missing a lot of school :)
This is the manicure I will be wearing to show off my northern pride (and polishing skills) to the other teams.  They are coming from all across Canada, I'm so excited to meet everyone!

I am also entering the mani in the "Show Us Your Country" contest that Parokeets is hosting.  The chalange is to make either nail art or makeup art (or both) to show your own perception of your country.  I'm excited to see everyone elses country manicures (especialy other people's different takes on Canada!)

I chose to show my favourite part of Canada, the North!  It's a dogsled team :) oh! that's what Qimmusiq means by the way, it's Inuktitut for "dogsledding" (and yes, I did have to use a dictionary to find that :)

I'm actually really happy with how this turned out, hope you guys like it!

OK, wish me luck!
And if you find yourself in the Calgary area this week, why not drop on by and watch some curling? You can find the schedule here.


  1. Good luck with the curling! And have fun :)

    And really nice mani :) You make soo small details! What do you use to do it?

  2. Good luck hope you have a blast!
    I love your mani it looks awesome. Swaafie I use a very fine paint brush and either nail varnish or acrylic paint depending on what colour I need.
    I haven't forgotten about the stylish blogger award I am doing it tomorrow

  3. I know you've already had this award but I've linked you back xoxox

  4. Good luck. this is really a pretty design

  5. Very nice details, found your blog through Swååfie and I'm following you now :D

  6. i love the details!!!! found your blog through Swååfie too!

    Nice to meet you~~=D

  7. Very pretty mani and such an original design too!
    Somehow in my mind I have Canada associated with the winter Olympics always.
    Good luck with the curling :D

  8. Sorry it took me so long to reply to you guys

    Swaafie- Thanks :) I actually did the details with the point of a needle... haha, probably not the easiest thing to work with, but it's all I have!

    Stacie- Thank you! for the good luck wish and the link back thing ;) I did have so much fun at Nationals!

    Beauty shades- Thank you, thank you :)

    Cille- yay! thanks! I'm following your blog too now :p

    Silence is Loud- nice to meet you too :D and thank you! followers make me happy

    Laquerlove- merci :)

    Cel- well then I hope you enjoyed the winter Olympics! ...idk some people didn't... :) and thank you muchly!