Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eyeshadow you say?

I have to make this quick
I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow! London --> Edinburgh --> Prague. Have any of you been there? (Do any of you live there?)  Is there a certain food I should try or a cute little shop I should visit? TELL ME!

Here is the SECRET RECIPE I promised:

you need:

Clear nail polish (crappy top coat you never use perhaps?)
Eyeshadow (something you want to get rid of...)
A piece of paper
A knife
(This is all my and my sister's eyeshadow put together. 
Very sad, I know)

Got everything? LET'S START

1. First pick an eyeshadow you think will look good as a nail polish (I used the greenish one in the bottom right corner because it was all broken and stuff...)
2. Get chunks of it onto your paper and chop it into as fine a powder as you can get
3. Make a funnel with a piece of paper and some tape and use this to get the powder into your nailpolish OR just pour the powder in without a funnel
4. Shake really hard
5. Adjust the amount of eyeshadow until you get the colour you want (add different colours too!)
6. You can add anything you want to it really: sparkles, ...umm... perfume... i don't know... GET CREATIVE!


  1. You really get around a lot, huh? haha.. How come you're going to Europe? I can't remember if I've been in Prague.. But I've been to Poland.. Unfortunately I haven't been to GB, even though it's pretty close to me :/ I would love to go to Edinburgh!

    I've made frankens with eyeshadow.. But I can't really get it to dissolve right.. I've been told that I need some suspension. Which is in any polish which is not clear.. But it haven't worked out for me yet.. I have to try again! hah

  2. Hi! I hope you will enter my Disney nail art contest ;)

  3. Swaafie - It was a present for my 16th birthday :)

    That makes sense, I have to shake the eyeshadow nail polish A LOT before using it, maybe this project would work better using a white nail polish as your starting colour.

    Sorry it took so long to reply, I don't know what happend to me... major loss of will power I guess. :(