Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry guys, I've been sick with strep throat, and it was not fun.  I'm mostly better though, except when someone makes me laugh, because I end up just coughing and wheezing, which for some reason I find to be ridiculously funny.  So you see my predicament :p

Do you know what's super-wonderful-awesome-tastic about this manicure? Why, perhaps the fact that that beautiful teal base colour you see was created by yours truly!  >.< yup, my first ever franken!  But of course, it's not just any old franken.  I'm going to show you what I used to make it in my next post........ mwahaha leaving you guys on the edge of your seats right? ;) sure.

Oh! and I forgot to tell you! At the Canada Games my team came 8th out of 12! Better than that LAST place we got at Nationals for sure!

WAIT! I have a question: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


  1. Congrats with your first franken :) Looking forward to your recipe :)
    I was super excited when I did my first franken! haha

    Well, if I could go anywhere in the world.. That one is tricky.. Since I'm studying anthropology, travelling is going to be a natural part of my job.. So I have to have two categories! haha
    Travel proffessionally: Russia or the Amazones..
    Travel personally: I would loove to go to both China and Japan.. :D

  2. Oh cool! What's anthropology like? Do you enjoy it?

    Russia is on my top five places to go in the world :)
    I love the culture of Western Asia, and everything always looks so nice! But I hate big cities though, so me in China probably wouldn't go so well... Xp

  3. Haha I see..

    Anthropology is the best! Here in Europe Anthro is a social science.. In the US it's a bit wider field, which is kind of cool :) But here it's about cultueres.. Basically it's about people :p